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Super Bowl LVIII and Playoff Parties: 12 Easy Recipe Options with Recommended Wine Pairings Score Big

12 Easy Recipe Options with Recommended Wine Pairings Score Big for Super Bowl LVIII and Playoff Parties

The big game is just around the corner.  Your guest list is set, and you’re facing the perennial challenge: what to serve?

What to serve for Super Bowl LVIII? Game Day Appetizers collection

Meal planning service eMeals comes to the rescue with a Game Day Appetizers collection featuring 12 easy-cook recipes ranging from Pull-Apart Meatball Sub Bites to Snickerdoodle Sandwich Cookies – each paired with liquid refreshment from California winery Sutter Home and complete with fast online shopping options. Problem solved!

The game plan is straightforward. Simply:

  • Check out eMeals’ Game Day Appetizers landing page or the Occasions Plan section of the eMeals app if you’re a subscriber to explore the fun finger-food recipes created by the eMeals team to feed you and your guests from kickoff to the final buzzer.
Hummus Board

Hummus Board

  • Assemble your menu. In addition to the collection’s pizza dough-wrapped meatball sub bites and classic frosting-filled snickerdoodles, you’ll find options like Nashville Hot Chicken Dip served with crostini, Philly Cheesesteak Sliders nestled in Hawaiian sweet dinner rolls, Twice-Baked Dill Pickle Potatoes made with miniature Yukon golds, and seven others including a Smoky Snack Mix – each assembled in a snap and serving 10-12 hungry football fans.

Pull-Apart Meatball Sub Bites

Pull-Apart Meatball Sub Bites

  • Accept the wine recommendations. Whether it’s a Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon, White Zinfandel, Merlot or Pinot Grigio for the main event dishes you selected or the same winery’s Sweet Peach or Wild Berry fruit infusion for your dessert choices, you’ll get the perfect pairing for less than $12 per bottle. No need to waste time and no chance of choosing the wrong wine.

  • Auto-generate your grocery list for easy in-store or online shopping. Click on the recipes you’re planning to make, and eMeals will create a shopping list you can use to self-shop at your local grocery store or tap for online grocery fulfillment at major retailers. It’s fast, easy, and ensures you won’t forget an ingredient.

  • Cook, serve, and get your game on (TV, that is)! Every dish is tailor-made for grazing while you and your guests are glued to your big screen, so you’ll be the toast of the party – no matter which team wins.

And speaking of teams, eMeals can be a great addition to your cooking lineup. The company’s weekly meal planning service saves an average of two hours of meal planning time every week, helps reduce grocery expenses by utilizing ingredients efficiently and avoiding impulse purchases, and provides meal inspiration and variety with less stress and more family time.

For as little as $5 a month, eMeals subscribers get a choice of meal plans for 15 different eating styles including Quick and Healthy, Clean Eating, Low Calorie, Low Carb, 30 Minute Meals, Kid Friendly and Vegetarian. Users also receive Occasions Plan and Bonus Collection menus for recipes that may not fit into the nightly dinner category; have the option to mix and match menus from any style and substitute favorites from previous weeks; and can take advantage of eMeals’ web-shoppable functionality for fast one-click shopping from major retailers. Free 14-day trials are available here.


eMeals is a meal inspiration, planning and shopping

eMeals is a meal inspiration, planning and shopping platform that operates the subscription-based eMeals digital meal planning service, the free RecipeBox app enabling home cooks to create personalized digital cookbooks, and the Grocery Connect SDK providing online grocery shopping functionality for third-party apps and websites.

eMeals has helped millions of families relieve the daily stress of putting healthy home-cooked meals on the table quickly, easily and affordably since the launch of its digital meal planning service.

For more information, visit and

Sutter Home revolutionized the way Americans enjoyed wine

When the Trinchero family bought the Sutter Home Winery in 1948, they had vision, passion and a keen insight into consumer tastes.

In the early 1970s, Sutter Home revolutionized the way Americans enjoyed wine when it created the first-ever White Zinfandel, introducing a new, sweeter style of wine—along with several other crowd-pleasing varietals—at an affordable price.

By the 1980s and 1990s, Sutter Home became a household name as the second largest independent, family-owned winery in the United States. In 2005, the winery was the first to produce the groundbreaking single-serve, 187mL package in lightweight plastic bottles.

Today, Sutter Home continues to reflect the evolution of its consumers, offering 21 different varietals in 750mL, 187mL and 1.5L bottles, plus 500mL Tetra Pak® packages.

For more information visit

Lehigh Valley loves Cocktails: Local Spirit KLYR Rum gets poured throughout Pennsylvania, Adam Lehrhaupt reveals

Local Spirit KLYR Rum gets poured throughout Pennsylvania with better flavor, healthier Ingredients.

Adam Lehrhaupt, Amish Patel, and Neil Kahrim started a Pennsylvania-based spirits company with the simple goal of creating a better-tasting American rum.

As they started adjusting their recipe for flavor, they soon found health benefits and great cocktail and food pairings.  The result? A purer, cleaner rum, with a flavor they claim creates its own genre. 

One thing’s for sure, Pennsylvania cocktail lovers are ordering more and more.

The following is a conversation (via zoom) with Adam Lehrhaupt.  The conversation has been edited for length and clarity.  Find the full, un-edited talk at our Youtube channel.


Let’s start by saying you’re in a car right now and can you tell us why you’re in a car right now?


Adam: Yeah, so I’m in a car right now because today’s a big day for any sports people, but especially in the Philadelphia area. 

KLYR Rum being poured at a Phillies game

We’ve got a 1 o’clock Phillies game. And as a rum company, we like to go down to those games when we can and just hang out at the ballpark and buy rum for people. Introduce them [to our KLYR Rum brand]. Either something they’ve never had before or if they are already a fan, getting them another one. So I’m heading down to the ballpark today to catch a ballgame and hang out with some Phillies fans. And then tonight, we’ve got the draft, so the ballgame will roll over into some fun at Xfinity Live. So we’ve got our products in Xfinity Live now.

So we’ll pop over there and roll into a little bit of draft night. See who everybody’s favorite football teams draft. 

I love your guerrilla marketing style.  You’re out there meeting the people.


Adam: [Points to his shirt] This is my Phillies KLYR shirt.  It’s our KLYR K, but it’s in the Phillies pin stripes. I don’t know if you can see it’s got the Philly pin stripes on it. 

Tell us about the KLYR brand itself and what you’re trying to accomplish.


Adam: Basically the idea for creating KLYR rum and I’ll start back at the beginning. One of my two main business partners, his name’s Amish Patel. He is a dentist. He grew up as a dentist. His dad is a dentist. His brother’s a dentist. Thirteen cousins are dentists. There’s nine more in dental school. He has another group of cousins who all work in dental laboratories.

So they make dentures and things like that. So he comes from a dental family in Pennsylvania. I think they’re around 93 offices now in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, the mid-Atlantic region.

He came to me over Covid and said he was done being a dentist and he wanted to do something different. And he had a friend who had been in the spirits industry, somebody he went to high school with, who created Whistle Pig and he said, I wanna create spirits. 

And I said, first of all I’m in for anything spirits related,  I’m a big fan and I went back and did a little bit of research to see what the market needed. So everything that we do is market driven, so we do research and figure out not what we think it needs.

What the market did have was a big kind of opening a gap in the Silver Rum area for something that was just very well made, but had flexibility. So a really good clean tasting silver rum didn’t really exist. So we set about trying to create it and that’s where KLYR Rum came from.


Now tell me a little bit about your background and the team itself. How the three of you got together.


Adam: So my current day job, when I’m not helping run this run business, is I write children’s books. So I’m a children’s book author.

Before that I was a senior art director for a company called Siemens Healthcare. Before that I was a roadie, but currently I’m a children’s book author and in my spare time I play hockey. That’s my little outlet for my extra energy. It’s my cardio when I’m working out.

And that’s where I met Amish. We all played against each other for years. And then finally a couple years ago, we ended up getting him onto my hockey team and we became pretty good friends. And when he presented this idea, I came back to him with rum as an idea.

He said, I have this guy I went to high school with. His name is Neil Kareem who’s from Trinidad. Let me get him on the phone. So we’re at lunch and he calls Neil and gets Neil on the phone and he goes, Neil, what do you think about, rum?

And Neil goes yeah, I like rum. Rum’s great. He goes, what about making rum? And Neil’s okay let’s figure it out. So really Neil and I were the ones who kinda went away for about five or six months and figured out how the whole distilling process worked, figured out how to build a distillery, put together all the numbers, and then Neil went out to try to find us a master distiller.

KLYR Rum Distiller Lexi Close

KLYR Rum Distiller Lexi Close

And he found somebody that we both really liked. And she agreed to meet us and we did this meeting and we just clicked right away. As it turned out, she was working for her family’s distillery, so we couldn’t hire her away at that time. But we did start working with her –  her name’s Lexi Close and Lexi took my ideas and the flavor profiles I was talking about and the way that I described it to her, because it didn’t exist.

So I described it through other spirits.  I wanted something with the clean taste of vodka or tequila, right? So I needed to keep that body that you get, but with the sugar of rum. You needed to have the mouthfeel of rum. What I wanted to lose was that harshness. There’s a harshness to rum that most people hide behind sugar.

It used to happen a lot with tequila as well.  Luckily, Lexi’s a big tequila person, so she saw the change in tequila [from years ago, it’s much better now]. 

But she understood when I was talking about harsh tequila and she went about trying to [fix it]. She and I worked together. My work was just tasting it and making suggestions. She worked really hard.

She managed to create this whole new category of product that we are calling American Rum. To differentiate it from Caribbean style rum.  We wanted to really delineate that this was something unique and different and it wasn’t like something you’d had before.


So let’s talk a little bit about flavors and the cans themselves, the process of making them?


Adam: Let’s start with how we got there first. Because when I started thinking of what drinks I would make with this great rum I was thinking summertime. A little sugar-free lemonade.

Then I came up with this idea for a drink at the ballpark.  I called it “Clear sky”, so it had a little blue curacao in the lemonade, it was like a light blue kind of color. 

We had that all last summer (2022) at Citizens Bank Park. Then we’re also up at the Iron Pigs Coca-Cola park where the Iron Pigs play in Bethlehem. 

It was really light for a lemonade. It didn’t have a lot of sugar in it. I wanted to create that as one of our first cans. Then we were gonna do the traditional Orange Crush.  Orange Crush is the big flavor down at the Jersey Shore towards the middle of last summer.

I expect it to be even bigger this year with all the peach crushes and everything that is happening. There’s a whole crush bar live now that’s how popular these are. 

So we go in and we’ve got our flavor guy, Mike.  He was concocting the mixes for us, and I wanted to keep them below 99 calories. That was very important to me, to go after the seltzer market, ready to drink’s or the White Claws. They’re basically made with cheap alcohol, hidden behind bubbles.

So we sat down and we started trying these lemonades, [testing for the] right amount of flavor. I tried the low flavor lemonade and I went, hold on, can you do this, but  20% less flavor?

I’m thinking we can get it to taste like water and it will be KLYR water. With the partnership with the Phillies, we’ve got Clearwater in Clearwater, right? Because that’s where they hold spring training. 

He really took a lot of the flavoring out and basically something that tastes like ice cold water with a twist of lemon in it.  So that was how we came up with that first flavor. 

Then we had to create Crush. We did; and I thought it was good, but it was 99 calories. It had a lot of flavor to it, like an orange crush.  As we’re going through and I’m drinking them, I’m [always] throwing in another shot of KLYR. 

So when we decided to expand the water line to four flavors: the original OG water that has light, lemon flavor.

We have a tangerine water, which is really subtle, but it’s got sweeter, tangerine flavor to it. Still less than 99 calories. 

Passion fruit which has got a little bit of that sour pop that passion fruit has.

Then the last one I really wanted to do a spa water, so we did cucumber mint.  Which  is my new go-to. I drink it all the time. 

I knew that we wanted the flavors to be unique and different. 

I didn’t want it to be sweet. When you get more full flavored, it ends up being more than 99 calories.

So the crush line became 6.5% [alcohol]. Because as I said, I kept adding an extra shot of KLYR to it. We could lower the sugar that we put in to give the flavor body so that we would get that kind of Crush body when you’re drinking it.

So they’re 6.5 %, they’re only 190 calories. We’ve got Orange Crush, Pineapple Smash Berry Lemonade Blast and Fruit Punch, which is like a tropical fruit punch. This is the juice bag of my youth. So I created those for people who like a little more pop, a little more flavor, and for anybody who goes into a bar and orders that double or triple IPA.


Is that why you didn’t want it sweet,  for the calories?


Adam: No, I didn’t want it sweet because I don’t wanna hide the rum.  I want you to be able to taste the rum. The flavorings might be great, but the rum is what we’re showcasing. So whatever we made, I wanted you to be able to still get those hints of the rum and enjoy that flavor as you’re drinking it.


For foodies, food pairing wise, what have been some great food combinations?


Adam: Let me go through the flavors of the crush line, because it splits, I think about them as like red wine and white wine. 

So the water line is like a white wine. So you can have the waters with pizza, pasta, fish.

The Orange Crush and even the Pineapple Smash with Indian food or Mexican food where you have that spice but a little of that sweetness cuts through it and you have the body of the rum on the finish. Those things come out really well together.

[Now Adam has parked and is walking through their KLYR Rum office]

How much of your office is Pennsylvania based? Where’s your distiller?

Adam: Our distillery is in Lewisberry, so that’s in Pennsylvania out by Harrisburg.

Our headquarters is in Westchester.  I am here in Bluebell. Keith is based in Quakertown.


Where can we find you? Where can we buy, where can we shop? Where can we follow?


Adam: In Pennsylvania we’re available through the PLCB (Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board).

We’re in 30 different stores right now, but we’re in the distribution centers, so anybody who doesn’t have it in their PLCB store order it to have it delivered to them. 

If you are in the greater Philadelphia, Eastern PA area, as far as Bethlehem and out towards Harrisburg we do home delivery.

We have a whole thing on our website everywhere that you can find it. So you can put in your zip code and it’ll tell you where you can get it near you.

In Eastern and Central Pennsylvania use the code: Adam2023 at checkout and get up to 35% off you order.


Tell us which social media channels you’re on and how to find you on there?


Adam: It’s KLYRRum on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and find us at

We support local first. So we’re a Pennsylvania company. That includes South Jersey.

Eagles Fans: Where to Get Superbowl 2023 Cheer Cards in Philadelphia

Eagles Fans: Where to Get Superbowl 2023 Cheer Cards in Philadelphia

Fans across the city and state can celebrate the Birds with cheer cards.

Fans can pick up the free signs at restaurants, attractions and businesses across the city to display in windows and to hold as a show of support.

The growing list of participants includes:

  • Betsy Ross House (239 Arch Street)
  • Brauhaus Schmitz (718 South Street)
  • Bridget Foy’s (200 South Street)
  • Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse (1921 Sansom Street)
  • Craft Hall (901 N. Delaware Avenue)
  • Dilworth Park (1 S. 15th Street)
  • Dim Sum House (1930 Chestnut Street)
  • Evil Genius (1727 N. Front Street)
  • Figo Ristorante & Bar (1033 N. 2nd Street)
  • Franklin Institute (222 N. 20th Street)
  • Independence Visitor Center (599 Market Street)
  • Lamberti Pizza (707 Chestnut Street)
  • Libertee Grounds (1600 W Girard Ave, Suite C5)
  • Live! Casino Hotel Philadelphia (900 Packer Avenue)
  • McGillin’s Olde Ale House (1310 Drury Street)
  • Metropolitan Bakery (262 S. 19th Street)
  • Osteria (640 N. Broad Street)
  • Philly AIDS Thrift (710 S. 5th Street)
  • Reading Terminal Market (1136 Arch Street)
  • South Bowl (19 E. Oregon Avenue)
  • Tradesman’s (1322 Chestnut Street)
  • Victory Brewing Company (1776 Benjamin Franklin Parkway)
  • Wicked Wolf Philadelphia (1214-1216 Chestnut Street)

Philadelphia Eagles are playing the 2023 Super Bowl: Where to Watch, What to Eat & More

Philadelphia Eagles are playing the 2023 Super Bowl: Where to Watch, What to Eat & More

Fans across the city can celebrate the Birds with cheer cards, pop-ups stores and pep rallies.

Eagles Pop Ups & Pep Rallies in Philadelphia

Miller Lite Toast to the Eagles! on the Battleship New Jersey:

Hop aboard the Battleship New Jersey at noon on Saturday, February 11, 2023 to toast the Eagles’ winning ways with a free Miller Lite for all attendees 21-plus.



The free toast is followed by a celebratory firing of the ships’ five-inch guns.

Note: While the Miller Lite Toast event is free, tickets are required for tours of the ship (Battleship New Jersey, 100 Clinton Street, Camden, NJ).


It’s a Philly Thing Pep Rally


It’s a Philly Thing Pep Rally at Fashion District Philadelphia: Stop by the Fashion District Philadelphia on Saturday, February 11, 2023 for a pre-Super Bowl pep rally from 1 to 4 p.m.

Stop by for games and giveaways, a DJ with lively tunes and an Eagles Fashion Show.

Let’s see those game day outfits.

The Fashion District is teaming up with Philly Fashion Week to hand out up to $500 in prizes for the most creative Eagles outfits. Enter at “The Cube” entrance at 9th and Market streets for the football festivities (Fashion District Philadelphia, enter at 9th & Market streets).

New Birdfeed 2023 Mural on South Street

New Birdfeed 2023 Mural on South Street: During the Eagles’ last run to the Super Bowl in 2018, Philly artist Meg Saligman sent the internet into a frenzy with her mural in Bella Vista.


Snap a selfie with Eagles players on the Rocky Steps


Snap a selfie with Eagles players on the iconic staircase leading to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The Museum has installed giant cutouts of four Eagles stars along both sides of the steps.

Star quarterback Jalen Hurts, strip-sack king Brandon Graham, “Big Play Slay” Darius Slay Jr. or the Slim Reaper DeVonta Smith.


The Bird Dog from Dietz & Watson


The Bird Dog from Dietz & Watson: Hear us out: cheese-covered hot dogs served on green buns.

They’re free and served out of a giant, roving Birds-mobile.

South Philly’s Cacia’s Bakery and Dietz & Watson are teaming up to sling limited edition Bird Dogs at spots throughout the city ahead of Sunday’s showdown.

The hot dogs — served up on Kelly green rolls from Cacia’s — are topped with long hots, provolone (or spicy cheddar) cheese and crunchy fried onions.

Eagles Vs Chiefs: Super Bowl LVII Kicks Off #MUSEUMBOWL23

Eagles Vs Chiefs: Super Bowl LVII Kicks Off #MUSEUMBOWL23

In 2023’s Super Bowl LVII it’s Philadelphia versus Kansas City on February 12.

Restaurants and businesses in both cities are getting in on the competition – including museums.

“Battle for the Masterpieces”

A “battle for the masterpieces” will also be at play, accompanied by a pigskin scramble on social media as two major art museums

Philadelphia Eagles

Sasha Suda, the George D. Widener Director and CEO of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, has wagered a master painting on the Birds’ success.

Kansas City Chiefs

Julián Zugazagoitia, Menefee D. and Mary Louise Blackwell CEO & Director of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, has eagerly taken up the challenge on behalf of the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the bet, the winning city’s museum will receive the other’s painting on loan.

A Chiefs victory would bring a future delegation from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the Nelson-Atkins, with a Philadelphia master work in hand.

An Eagles triumph would bring a future delegation from the Nelson-Atkins along with a master work to Philadelphia.

Sasha Suda stated:

“When the Eagles soar to victory…

“…we will warmly greet our friends from the Nelson-Atkins and treat them to unforgettable cheesesteaks here in Philadelphia. They have such a remarkable collection, and we will be thrilled to share a piece of it with our visitors, in a very special Point After Touchdown (PAT). We’ll make it feel right at home in our galleries and display it with Philly pride.”

Julián Zugazagoitia said:

“We expect to offer our Philadelphia friends something they’ll long remember after the…

Chiefs make short work of the Eagles.

Philadelphia’s museum has so many amazing works, and they will see how wonderful the PMA loan will appear in our beautiful galleries. We won’t let them leave, of course, before they can taste the best of our Kansas City barbeque.”

#MuseumBowl23 is on. Let the games begin.


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